Diabetic Life Pulse Clinic, LLC.
8575 Fern Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71105
(318) 698-8889
Diabetic Life Pulse Clinic is a new facility in Shreveport at the forefront of battling diabetic complications. Our treatment is non-invasive and supervised by a medical doctor.
In Type II diabetics, our treatment stimulates their challenged pancreas to act more normally, helping to restore carbohydrate metabolism.
In Type I diabetics, our process mimics what their absent or diminished pancreas should do, which in turn helps the liver do its job.
DLP patients have seen their health improve with every treatment and experienced the retardation–even reversal–of many of their complications like neuropathy, loss of vision, heart issues, open wounds, dementia, and kidney failure.
What we offer is truly a breakthrough in medicine! Please help us get the word out to our community…and your loved ones…that a life-changing solution has arrived.

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